Two Factor Authentication

In this post we're going to cover adding two factor authentication to a Meteor application. I recently discovered a distinct lack of packages (none?) that provided this functionality so I »

FlowRouter examples with Blaze and React

Flow Router + Blaze Layout + Blaze Flow Router + React Layout + React Flow Router + Reaktor + React »

Reactive geolocation with Google Maps

In this article we're going to look at how to reactively update the users current geolocation on a Google map. We'll use two packages, dburles:google-maps and a simple package »

How to create a reactive Google map

When using Google maps with Meteor you may wish to make use of Meteor's reactivity and do something fancy such as displaying markers and other things in real-time. However it »

Blaze Updates

A quick rundown of some new features coming to Blaze. Next Release New template callbacks { }); { }); { }); Template level subscriptions »

A look at local template state

Tying state to a template instance A little look at Session variables and template state in Meteor. Components have been on the horizon for Blaze for quite some time and »